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Growing up in a rural village, I often witnessed the crises in our health system, so many young productive women dying of pregnancy related complications, young kids dying of preventable diseases, Maternal mobidity and mortality in my community results from interplay of social, cultural economic and logistic barrier coupled with high fertility rate and inadequate and underfunded health services. 0ne of the greatest barriers to good health among this poor community is the separation of communities from formal health system. Coupled with low capacity of the health system particularly at low health care levels. Cultural practises including, the food they consume, FGM, the distance to health facilities, inadequate services, poverty are contributing factors to maternal mortality as well. This is caused by lack of accessing health facilities,on time due to lack of affordability, lack of the required services like c-section in the hospital, long distance from home to health health facility arising some complication resulting to dealth. I founded wezesha health services on the basis of addressing this issues in rural areas, we achive this through, community health workers trainings, organizing workshops for this women, forming mentor me mothers groups, And eventually Mobile health services. WE WANT UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE TO BE INCLUSIVE AND RESPONSIBLE.


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Maternal And Infant Health

In Rural areas,skilled birth attendants is restricted to doctors, nurse. Majority of the midwives lack formal training in pregnancy and birth related matters. This often leads to prolonged Obstructed Labour and eventually death.we focusing on the creation of mentor mothers, Well informed mothers that will help this women visit hospitals during their pregnancy to avoid giving birth at home.community health Volunteers help to connect community members to available services and resources. They provide benefits to individuals, communities, providers, and payers. Since CHWs are often members of the communities they serve, and rural communities typically have strong community connections, Training CHW will help the community have better connections with healthcare

Adolescent Reproductive Health In Rural Areas

Adolescents, like adults, have the right to equal access to adequate health care and services, regardless of sex, race, marital or health status. Legal, social and economic barriers to adolescent access to reproductive health care violate their right to enjoy the highest attainable level of health on an equal basis with adults, and therefore discriminate against them and it is our pleasure to voice out this

More Hospitals

Wezesha Health Services' Main aim is to encourage policy makers to construct more hospitals with quality services in Rural areas, the estimated ratio of patients to doctors in kenya is 1:16000, this is even worse in Rural areas in North Eastern Kenya, Therefore we advocate more hospitals to be constructed and also encourage more young people from the region to take up Health Science courses as a career.

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